Mental Health Days and Unwinding in NYC 💆‍♂️🛀🏔

New York is known for being the city that never sleeps.

Famous for its inhabitants who hustle harder than anyone else. Working hard is important (especially if one wants to make it in the concrete jungle). Working this hard also makes it easy to forget to take care of yourself, self-care.

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Stress can function as a beneficial motivation for some, but when stress levels become uncontrollable, the effects are deteriorating both mentally and physically. Caring for your mental stress shouldn’t be something that’s approached only in crisis. Make time to rest, recharge, and reflect. 

New Yorkers are no strangers to stress; luckily, there are many ways of unwinding, recentering and finding your inner peace. From hot yoga to meditation studios, here your guide to unwinding in the city that doesn’t miss a beat.

Sweat it Out at Bode NYC 

bodenyc TRIKANASANA ("Triangle Pose") is one of the key arrival points in the classic 26 & 2 Hot Yoga Series, integrating heart and lungs, muscles and bone, body and mind... // 📸 by @chipklosecreative

If you walk away from this article with only one destination to unwind in mind, let it be Bode NYC.

Previously known as Bikram Yoga NYC, they are a one-stop-shop for everything relaxing. The yoga mecca offers classes for every level, hot vinyasa (hot yoga) classes, and Hot HIIT for those who are brave enough to do cardio in a sweatier than normal setting.

Single classes start at $30 for a single class, however, they do offer monthly memberships, and for only $49 you can get unlimited classes for your first month.

Reset at MNDFL

mndflmeditation We may shout out #mndflnyc often, but the best thing is that our meditators come from all over the world... or in this instance coast to coast. 😊 . #tbt to the lovely @alison__wu and @kait.hurley who filled #mndflbk with their ✨presence a few weeks ago! #meditators #aroundtheworld

Call all avid nappers who need that afternoon reset but can never seem to find the time!

MNDFL is here to save the day and ur heavy eyelids. Classes range from 30-90 minutes and include a lot more than just napping! From improving sleep to emotional control their meditative “lessons” are based on different mental and emotional goals.

MNDFL offers a bunch of different class pricing options, starting at $10 for your first 30 minutes.

Get TF Away for a Day (or Ten)

shmaislinn 800 stairs later... . . . . . #petra #monastery #wonderoftheworld #gadventures

If you can, getting away for a few days, if not a few weeks to take a break from the big lights and is a great refresh with some much-needed downtime. Sometimes a change of scenery, a relaxed pace, and fresh city air is just what you need.

Less than two hours outside the city are tons of beautiful mountains and parks just waiting to be booked for a weekend getaway.

Places like Bear Mountain or New Hope, Pennsylvania, are all less than a crosstown commute outside the city and offer the perfect serenity for you to release all that pent-up tension.

On top of being beautiful af, most of these naturescapes offer beautiful lodging to add an extra layer of relaxation.

If you're able to get away solo travel in a group, allows you to remove your self from the comfort of your life without spending a complete trip alone. The further escape for a longer than a weekend may be what you need to really reset from everyday life.

Soak the Stress Away at the Great Jones Spa

danisiegs Someone transport me back here right now

Say yes to the sudz at Jones Spa, one of NYC’s premier spa’s.

Featuring underground pools, saunas, steam rooms, oh and a THREE STORY waterfall! The massive space ends up clocking out at about 15,000 square feet.

In addition to all the pools and saunas, Great Jones Spa also offers multiple beauty services for all your pampering needs.

The most popular? Their $40 coconut paradise manicure. I’m not sure what a manicure has to do with a coconut paradise, but sign me up.  

Howl At The Sun At Wolfe’s Pond


Everyone is quick to say that NYC is just a pile of concrete with one big patch of green in the middle of it. In reality, a day in nature is just a train, ferry, or cab ride away! 

As great as the city is, and believe me I love it, sometimes some quality time with nature and some peace are precisely what you may need. Take Wolfe's Pond, right in Staten Island.

In addition to multiple walking trails, tennis and basketball courts, and two playgrounds, Wolfe’s pond has a little beach!

Bonus: in case you didn’t know, Wolfe’s Pond also has its own Fourth of July celebration with live entertainment, and food vendors. It’s an overall great location for a calming nature walk, playing some sports with some friends, or having a relaxing day at the beach.

Take a Walk Down to Maha Rose

maharosenyc Looking for more soul-nourishing ways to end the week than happy hour drinks? Come get happy with us at Community Reiki! Now every Friday from 3-5:30 pm. 💚 Community style sessions are 25 mins long, and are by donation on a scale of $20-40. Come absorb the energy of our temple, meet like-minded people and connect with healers! #reiki #magic #selfcare #happyhour pic by @gabriellegray_

Sometimes all we need is to get our zen on and zone OUT.

Thankfully locations like Maha Rose (located right in Greenpoint) have everything necessary for a soothing oasis all within a couple blocks.

From yoga to acupuncture, Maha Rose will help you channel your inner chill. For those interested in more unique methods of relaxation including hypnotherapy, tarot, and breath work are also offered.

Retreats are also available both at the location and overnight upstate, so if getting out of the city was something you had in mind, stress even less, and let Maha Rose do all the hard work for you.

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