Midnight Munching: The Meatball Shop Is Now Offering a Late Night Happy Hour

This ish right here, is the happy hour we've longed for all our lives, but deep down, just never thought was possible.

Who says happy hour "needs" to be at 5 o'clock? Anyway, we've got plenty of that around here to book us solid every 5 PM for the rest of our lives.

It looks like The Meatball Shop knew exactly the kind of positivity we needed in our lives before we even knew it ourselves! The renowned eatery's Lower East Side location is offering a late night happy hour, from 11 PM till they close at 2 AM, from Sunday-Thursday!

And not just a few drinks and dainty apps. No. The Shop will be serving up half-priced draft beers, wines, and delicious meatball sandwiches! Including, but not limited to, the special, "off-menu dunker sandwiches," like the buffalo chicken meatball hero served with a side of Parmesan dipping sauce... bruh.

We know, sounds almost too good to be true.


Now you can finish off your night out on the town, (or keep the ball rolling) with this scrumptious feast.

There's enough excitement to look forward to in this city on Fridays and Saturdays, possibly too much to even wrap our heads around. We needed something of this caliber to spice up our weekday routine a bit, don't you think?

Head over to the Lower East Side location @ 84 Stanton Street, New York, NY, and see for yourself what all the hype is about.

Quoted directly from the stellar team over at The Meatball Shop, the late night happy hour is a must: "Because we think you should still be happy at 11 PM".

See you there! Check out their menu here.

[via themeatballshop] [Feature Image Courtesy flickr] 

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