Because 'Meal Kit Subscriptions' Shouldn't Give You Commitment Anxiety, There's This

You don't want to cook tonight. Or maybe you do. 

Wait. You're not cooking tonight because cooking means going to the store for groceries you don't have, looking for things that are actually fresh, standing in line, struggling to lug those groceries home, and then cooking.

The thought of that is exhausting, and now you definitely don't want to cook tonight, so, you order something for delivery. Maybe it's Chinese. Maybe it's pizza. 

FoodKick, the undoubtedly dope younger sister to FreshDirect is saving us from crisis by delivering fresh food, cold booze*, and essentially everything we could ever want or need right to our apartments in as little as an hour. 

But you're not lazy! Stop it! You had every intention—the best intentions—to cook. So then you turn to those meal kit subscriptions. You thought, "YAAAASS! Now I'll be compelled to cook!"

But then things like life happen and you’re stuck at work two nights in a row and you get home and you’re too beat to cook. So the boxes of perfectly portioned ingredients go to rot in your fridge and you never whip up those delicious looking recipes and now you’ve wasted your hard-earned money on these meal kits and you’re still hungry. Lose-lose. 

Time to tell those meal kit subscriptions that they're cramping your style. You're not looking to settle down. You're not looking for something serious. You're just trying to have fun and, yeah, eat good food. Time to make FoodKick your new friend with benefits!

FoodKick, the dope younger sister to FreshDirect, is saving us from this very crisis by delivering fresh food, cold booze*, and essentially everything we could ever want or need–like meal kits–delivered right to our apartments in as little as an hour.

If you're looking for meal kits where you get everything you need to make an incredible meal whenever you want, they've got your back—without locking you into some bogus subscription.

They're always keeping their recipes fresh, so you can discover some new moves in the kitchen. Like Braised Pork Meatballs with Sauteed Leeks. Or Spinach Pesto Grilled Cheese. Or Chicken stuffed with Herbed Goat Cheese. 

But instead of settling down and committing to food you might not end up cooking at all (because life happens, fam. It. Just. Happens.), you can determine whether or not you want to cook just an hour or two before. 

Have you ever tasted something so fresh? Remember: they're powered by FreshDirect. That's not a misnomer. We're talkin' farm-fresh produce, grass-fed beef, catch-of-the-day seafood. Everything you need to cook—everything you eat is fresh AF.

And those days you don't want to cook? No sweat. FoodKick's still savin' the day with prepared meals that are actually delicious, like roasted chicken with mashed sweet potatoes or turkey, kale and quinoa meatballs with grilled vegetables.

Oh, but you probably need something to wash all that deliciousness down with, so you still need to remember to go to the liquor store—NO YOU DON'T! FoodKick also delivers wine, beer, booze, and, yeah, ice for any soda or mixer you need. 

And it's easy. Just download the FoodKick app or head over to

"But I'm hungry, and I don't even know what I want!" GAAAAHHH! Drop the nonsense! That's crazy talk! FoodKick is chock-full of dope ideas, too, that are updated three times a day.

You can see what items are hot, what's trending, get suggestions based on seasonal fruits and veggies—impossible is nothing.

We have FoodKick here to save the day.

Download the FoodKick app—for iPhone or Android—or open Like, right frickin' now.

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