Was anyone in New York City sober last night? 

One place you couldn't commiserate over a beer or ten was the beloved pub McSorley's downtown– thanks Oba– Trump? When do we get to officially make that switch?

The Department of Health shut down the bar yesterday for still unknown reason, but probably because someone somewhere said, "Well, at least things can't get any worse," and the universe had to deliver.

As reported by Eater NY, the results of the inspection should be made public soon.

McSorley's is no stranger to dealing with the establishment– it's doors opened in the 1850s and as you might expect, things like "health" weren't exactly the largest priority. 

Less than a decade ago, they had to stop letting cats hang out in the bar and was also forced to remove the wishbones that hung from their chandeliers, which were placed by boys who left to fight in WW1.

The bar also sorta kinda used to refuse to let women in, until they were sued for discrimination in 1970. But ANYWAY...


We understand why DOH inspections are necessary obviously but kicking out cats? Who's hanging out in a 100+ year old bar for the cleanliness anyway?


Hopefully the violation, whatever it was, will be sorted out quickly because men and women in NYC need their spirits right now, more than ever.

[via Eater NY] [Feature Image Courtesy McSorleysOldAlehouse.com]