Listen, we all know how frustrating the NYC Subway system has been, especially as of recently. 

And seeing as though one of the main ways the government pays for city renovations is through taxation, is anyone really surprised at this proposal? 

Our mayor certainly isn't, as he thinks the best way to pay for all the Subway enhancements is to tax the wealthiest New Yorkers. 

But before you get your undies in a bunch, here's the backstory. If you take public transportation in the city, you know that it's been a bit less than ideal. 

So to fix many of the Subway problems, MTA chairman Joe Lhota released an emergency plan that would address these issues. 


Collectively, the 30 initiatives would cost somewhere around $800 million over the course of the next year. BIG BUCKS FOR SURE. 

And because that kind of money needs to come from somewhere, Mayor De Blasio has proposed to implement a .5% tax raise for couples earning at least $1 million a year, and individuals who make at least $500,000. 

His reasoning behind this plan is to take the weight off the low income families who already take a hit with spiked fares, and ask the wealthier New Yorkers to chip in a bit for the renovations that would benefit all of NYC.


But this is all talk and thought as of now, NYC. In order to pass, this tax hike would have to move through a dense Republican-controlled state legislature. Lol, good luck, is all we're gonna say.

So overall, we're just gonna have to wait and see. 

[via Time Out New York] [Feature Image Courtesy Time Out New York]