Yesterday, Mayor Bill de Blasio made a major announcement that will affect a lot of people by the year 2018. 

Recap: in recent years, many minimum wage employees have protested that they cannot actually afford to live off of the minimum wage of $9.00/hour, and have been vying for an increase in pay. 

While Governor Cuomo's Fast Food Wage Board voted to raise the statewide minimum wage for fast food workers gradually back in July, this new increase will affect around 50,000 city workers, including crossing guards, pre-kindergarten teachers, custodial workers, and others. 

Even though most city employees already make over $15/hour, this new plan will help those who may make as low as $11/hour.

This new plan would help around 20,000 unionized workers and 30,000 employees of outside organizations who are on the city's payroll (like day-care providers). 

While this is a big win for minimum wage workers, this move will cost the city an additional $202 million through 2020. So, unfortunately for taxpayers, you may see more money coming out of your own pocket due to the fact that there was no scheduled increase in pay in the existing budget. 


However, Mayor de Blasio feels that this increase will boost the city's overall economy, stating, "We know that nothing does more to lift up working families and move our economy forward than raising wages, and the city is leading by example by just doing that." 

All in all, this is a win for minimum waged employees across NYC, and beyond, as de Blasio has been championing a statewide minimum wage increase to $15/hour, but needs the support of the state legislature.

1199seiu Mayor de Blasio announced a $15 minimum wage for 50,000 workers in NYC, including 1,000 homecare workers of #1199SEIU who work for the Department for the Aging! This is a major victory in our Fight For $15. Now, we need to head to Albany to tell legislators that ALL homecare, healthcare and other workers deserve $15! #FightFor15 #NYFightFor15 "Homecare and healthcare workers celebrate Mayor de Blasio’s announcement of a $15 minimum wage for all New York City government employees and employees who provide contracted work for the City at social service not-for-profit organizations. Among the 50,000 employees who will get a raise are 1,000 homecare workers employed by the Department for the Aging. These dedicated homecare workers bring their elderly clients to the doctor, make sure they take their medication on time, bathe them, cook and carry out all the duties that allow seniors to live with dignity. Mayor de Blasio’s bold decision has made New York City a national leader in fight to reward hard work with fair pay. Now we will continue our fight to ensure that all working New Yorkers, including all healthcare workers regardless of the funding source, make at least $15 an hour throughout the state.” George Gresham, President of 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East.

Mayor de Blasio is also working with unions to provide the same benefits for workers by negotiating amendments to existing contracts. 

This change comes a month after Mayor de Blasio announced that the city would begin giving the opportunity for nearly 20,000 city employees to take six weeks of paid parental leave. A step in the right direction? We think so. 

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[via The New York Times] 

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