Good morning, here's your daily dose of horrible news: The Trump Administration announced they are lifting federal guidelines protecting Trans children's bathroom rights.

Obama passed the directive in 2016, which ordered public schools to allow children to use the bathroom of their choice. This is a horrible blow for the transgender community, which was just starting to see some major progress on the long and difficult road to equality.

Yet, once again, New York proves it's the best city in the world (the bar's pretty low rn, tbh), with Mayor Bill de Blasio announcing via Twitter yesterday: 

"We affirm the right of every New Yorker to use the bathroom that fits their identity. A new president will not change our values."

This announcement is crucial to the safety of specifically NYC trans children, and let's hope other cities follow suit. 

Senator Brad Hoylman stated, “By undermining Title IX protections for transgender students, Trump would allow all of America to follow the bogus 'bathroom bills' coming out of North Carolina and Texas, which are premised on the outrageous assertion that transgender people are sexual predators."

The harsh reality is that more than 50% of the Trans community, especially Trans women of color, are themselves the victims of sexual violence. 


In fact, there is no statistical evidence of violence by a Trans person in a restroom, and Trans people themselves are more likely to be the victims of harassment or physical assault in the restroom.

Another surprising insight to the crumbling demonic White House, is that Betsy DeVos actually supports Gay Rights, and was opposed to the order, until she was eventually bullied by Trump and Sessions into signing on.

People are rallying in support of the Trans community, with the hashtag #ProtectTransKids trending, and people sharing their stories of the difficulties growing up Trans.

I wonder where "LGBT-friendly" Ivanka Trump is during all of this? Probably trying to see if Buffalo Exchange will take pieces from her ugly fashion line.

[Feature Image Courtesy] [via Gothamist]