One of the many lows of 2016 was the circus show called the Presidential Election and social media. 

Our current President elect Donald Trump has fueled many memes and controversy thanks to his statements on Twitter that are anything but tactful. 

We roll our eyes as we scroll through his posts, liking the selfies of our luckier friends that 'vacationed' in Bermuda for the next four years (they may do eight, but we'll see). We can only dream of seeing a more mature, humble Trump twitter page that'll keep our eyes from the backs of our skulls. 

Or maybe not? @MatureTrumpTwts is what we all wish for: a responsible, non-triggering version of the current President elect's tweets. 

As reported on Huffington Post, this Twitter gives us a Trump account we'd actually want to see. Humble, respectful and using actual words, MatureTrump’s tweets are edited variations of @realDonaldTrump’s actual tweets. And they’re awesome. 

Presidential, even. 

Unfortunately, the account is not run by our head of state. But it doesn’t hurt to dream!


Until Trump actually becomes more tactful with his social media presence...well, we have Kid President to correct our future elect on manners. That’s something.


via HuffingtonPost

[via HuffingtonPost] [Feature Image Courtesy Life Daily]