A Matcha Lover's Guide to New York 🍵😋🌇

Matcha. Chances are you’ve heard your friend raving about these bright green lattes or tried pronouncing it after seeing it on a cafe menu. If not, matcha is a finely powdered form that comes from green tea leaves. It is referred to as a “super food” because of its health benefits and antioxidant properties. From increased energy to detoxifying the body to calming the mind, it’s safe to say we could all benefit from some matcha.

Whether you’re in the mood for a warm latte, french toast, or some soft serve, these cafes have got you covered.

Matcha Bar (256 W 15 St, Manhattan)

Matcha lattes would be considered basic at this bar. In a land where matcha donuts, popsicles, croissants, kombucha blends, macaroons, cake, cookies, and all matcha-lover dreams are possible, the sky's the limit.

Matcha Bar is definitely a matcha-lover’s paradise. Run by two brothers who share a mutual love for green tea powder, their mission to bring matcha to people is clear. After starting up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Matcha Bar now has two locations in New York. Discover a whole never level of matcha at New York’s first specialty matcha cafe.

Bibble & Sip (253 W 51 St, Manhattan)


Pair that matcha latte with a matcha puff at Bubble & Sip. Some of the matcha offerings at this cafe include matcha parfaits, cakes, puffs, panna cottas, and tarts.

This family-run cafe only serves homemade baked goods and syrups, with treats and syrups all freshly made in-house. Even the smallest details like granola for their unique yogurt parfaits and marshmallows for their delicious hot chocolate are prepared right where they are served.

So next time your matcha cravings set in, head over to this adorable cafe for some bibbles and sips!

Chalait (299 West Houston St, Manhattan)


With locations all around NYC, Chalait is yet another sacred place for matcha lovers alike. Their goal of making matcha more palatable to the western world is evident in their menus.

In addition to their breakfast and lunch menus that have matcha incorporated in some of the dishes, they also serve several matcha drinks. From Matcha Cappuccinos to Matcha Hot Chocolates to Matcha Arnold Palmers, this is definitely not your ordinary coffee shop.

Hit up on of their location for your next hot chocolate craving and turn your matcha dreams into a reality.

Kay’s Boutique Cafe (240 Mulberry St, Manhattan)


3 words: Matcha French Toast. Yes, you read that correctly.

Matcha infused french toast is a thing and you can get it right here at this brand new cafe. After being started up by a woman who merely loved making breakfast for her family, Kay’s Boutique Cafe opened its doors on March 22nd.

Originally from Bangkok, this cafe serves unique french toast combinations and creative specialty drinks as well as more common warm beverages for your friends who just haven’t learned to love matcha yet.

Matcha N’ More (177 Hester St, Manhattan)


Matcha lattes, lemonades, soft serve, and croissants are only some of the delicious treats at Matcha N’ More. With matcha imported personally from Uji, Japan, this cafe provides authentic flavors.

The matcha soft serve is one of their best sellers. The best part? The soft serve is served in a green tea cone. Yes, that’s right– as if it could not get any more matcha.

Cha Cha Matcha (373 Broome St, Manhattan)


Walk into this adorable pink-themed cafe and be prepared to experience another planet of matcha. The atmosphere created in this cafe attracts people of all ages and backgrounds due to the charm of both the outside and the inside.

Along with their delicious warm beverages such as matcha lattes, they also offer one-of-a-kind bites. Their most popular product is their matcha dossants, a matcha'd cross between a donut and croissant. Oh, and they’re filled with matcha cream. Yum!

Nohohon Matcha NYC (9 St Marks Pl, Manhattan)


At Nohohon, the combinations are familiar yet entirely new.  While vanilla, lavender, hazelnut, caramel, and agave are common coffee shop flavors, combining them with matcha creates a whole new beverage.

For all the caramel lovers, we recommend combining the two to enjoy a Matcha Macchiato. Each blended with organic matcha directly imported from Shizuoka, Japan, Nohohon offers a calming and delicious way to escape from the fast-paced city for a sip.

Matchaful Cafe (25 Jay St, Brooklyn)


If Spicy Cacao, Coco Vanilla Zen, Cardamom Spice, and Turmeric Zing on the menu don’t have you running to try it, then maybe the salted white chocolate matcha will.

The menu isn’t limited to beverages; jaw-dropping sweets such as matcha-infused cashew butter cups are also served at Matchaful Cafe.

With milk substitutes like almond, coconut, hemp, oat, and macadamia, several personalized combinations can be created using the freshest 100% USDA organic matcha from tea farms in Japan.

Spot Dessert Bar (39-16 Prince St, Queens)


A dessert lover's heaven, Spot Dessert Bar definitely offers something for any sweet craving.

Spot Dessert Bar is not only dedicated to serving matcha products, they also offer desserts containing matcha such as their signature Matcha Lava Cake.

Take a bite and feel the matcha goodness flow through your body. The warm dark chocolate cake is filled with green tea ganache, green tea ice cream, chocolate crunchy pearls, and cookie crumbs. Yes, please!

Perpetuum Cafe (200 Church St, Manhattan)


Consider yourself to have cultured taste buds? 

Famous for their unique coffee concoctions like their Lavender Lane Latte (L.L.L.) and Matcha Maple Milk (M.M.M.), you can count on Perpetuum to introduce you to something new with their seasonally rotating combinations.

Pair your matcha latte (hot or iced) with a matcha cookie, donut, or croissant at this fun cafe. Make a trip to this Chelsea cafe for not only some matcha treats, but also for never before seen beverage combinations.

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