We're sure we all remember the most impactful event to occur in New York City last year. A phenomenon so absurd, so riddled with New York tropes, that it will likely continue to be referenced and joked about for the remainder of time. 

Yes, were talking about the infamous Pizza RatWe're certain you remember - a single ambitious subway rat dragging an entire piece of pizza through the NYC subway, with a fierce determination recognized by every human being who loves pizza (so, every human being). 

This brave little creature created quite the frenzy amongst New Yorkers and beyond. 

Well, get ready for even more rat-related news, although this time it's slightly more unsettling. 

Blogger Jowanza Joseph took it upon himself to document and gather information to show us just how many rats are in NYC.

The results are nothing short of disturbing. 

According to the data, which Joseph has culminated into a handy little (terrifying) map, the number of rat and mice sightings in NYC has reached astronomical levels. 

From the years of 2010 to 2016, the majority of sightings have been in Brooklyn, specifically Bushwick (sorry, BKers), with the least amount of sightings in Staten Island and parts of Queens.

All in all, 29,174 rats were found in three-plus family apartment buildings across NYC. 

Excuse us while we shiver in horror.

Check out the map for yourself, if you dare.


[Feature Image Courtesy Time Out]