Saint Patrick's Day is right around the corner.

You're probably wondering which Irish pubs and bars your going to hit up depending on whether or not you want to act like a drunken leprechaun, simply eat some corned beef, or drink some Guinness in peace

If you're in Manhattan, chances are good you're going to be struggling against or participating in the drunken shenanigans of shamrock bedecked hooligans for your next pint of Guinness. 

However, there are so many different Irish bars and pubs in Manhattan that it's difficult to choose one or two to try this Thursday. 

Meet Jimmy's New York Irish Pub Guide, the answer to all of your Irish pub needs in Manhattan. 

His comprehensive list and interactive map will make organizing your Saint Patrick Day plans a whole lot easier. 

Check out some of our favorite spots on his list below.


Ulysses (95 Pearl Street)


The Full Shilling (160 Pearl Street)

Bayard's Ale House (533 Hudson Street)


The Four Faced Liar (165 West 4th Street)

Puck Fair (298 Lafayette Street)


Cornerstone Tavern (961 2nd Avenue)


The Irish Punt (40 Exchange Place)


Donnybrook (35 Clinton Street)


Jameson's (975 2nd Avenue)


O'Hanlons (349 East 14th Street)

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Maggie's Place (21 East 47th Street)



11th Street Bar (510 East 11th Street)