If you haven't heard about Macaron Day, you've probably been living under a rock, or are a recent transplant from Iowa who might not even know what a macaron is... we forgive you. 

Sort of. Just, you know, get your sh*t together. 

Macaron Day is one of the events you absolutely must do in New York City this month. It's also the debut of the glorious confectionary invention, the macaronut.

What is Macaron Day? It's an event that occurs every year where pastry chefs and confectioners open their doors, giving one free macaron each to any patron who mentions the holiday, while a portion of other purchases will be donated to City Harvest. 

Sure, macarons are a small, mouth-sized bite of pillowy perfection (except for Francois Payard's macaronut... that thing is at least a three-biter), but with so many stores participating for a good cause, you can surely fill your belly with free macarons. 

What stores are participating in the most epic, sugar rush, macaron crawl of 2016? Check out the map below to start planning your route of attack. 

Wherever you intend to go, just don't miss out on Francois Payard's macaronut. 

In fact, send us some and we'll love you forever. Kidding, we already love you... but macaronuts would help. 


Can't make it out to Macaron Day 2016? Check out these stores selling delightful macarons on the regular in NYC. 

Just don't get them mixed up with macaroons, because they're an entirely different creation altogether.