We all know New York City is always insanely crowded.  

Whether it's the tourists coming into check out the many holiday attractions or the commuters just trying to get to work, we began to wonder if there ever really is a good time to stand in the middle of Grand Central and take a picture. 


According to Time Out NY, there really is science behind when it's the best time to attend these popular landmarks.  

A map, made by SAP, allows us to see when we should venture on over to out favorite places without being surrounded by thousands of other people.

As many could assume, most places are pretty vacant before 6am but not many people are going to take the family to see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree before that time.  If you do, we're really sorry.

The 3 most popular destinations are Grand Central, Penn Station and Central.  


If you're looking for a calm(ish) experiences at these places, we don't recommend visiting theses places between the hours of 8am and 5pm, hello commuters.

We recommend ending your evening at places like, the Highline, Brooklyn Bridge, and Prospect Park. They tend to quiet down after 8pm... perfect for date night. Just bundle up.

It's always safe to hit up some museums if you have the time, but not the patience for crowds.  Recommended?  The Met and the Whitney.

Happy exploring!

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy TimeOut NY]