In 1928, a religious cult decided to prepare for the return of Jesus Christ. They were so excited for Jesus' return in fact, that they built him a mansion in the Bronx.

It makes total sense doesn't it? If Jesus were reincarnated, he would definitely need a place to live. Who's to say he wouldn't want to live in New York City?

The mansion is 15,000-square-feet, it sits on 2.3 acres of land, and it's elevated at the highest point in the Bronx - 280 feet above sea level.

In a plot twist that bummed out everyone involved, Jesus never showed up to live in the house a religious cult so kindly built for him. 

After years of cleaning the house daily in anticipation of Jesus's arrival, the cult disbanded around 1958, and the house and its property were sold without anyone ever living in it.

HouseBeautiful reported that its current owners, Sandra and Jerry Galuten, proceeded to spend the next decade renovating the house to the height of luxury.

Will living in a house built for Jesus make you feel divine? Maybe. Will it make you feel like royalty? Most definitely, especially when it's this nice.

Why is the house so nice? We could say a lot, but we'll leave it at this: The contractors the Galutens hired are the same ones who painted and gilded the ceilings at the Plaza Hotel.


The tile in the house? The Galutens bought that from the same tile maker used for the Vatican. They've also got four wet bars, a walk-in freezer, and a home gym.

The monthly rent on a place like this amounts to a measly $35,000. Don't want to pay monthly rent? Great. You could just buy it for, you know, the very relaxed price of $10 million.

Want to buy or rent the mansion? Excellent. You can do so on Zillow. Be warned, though, you might have to handle a swarm of people expecting you to be the figurehead of their religion.

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