Get a Taste of Manny's Sweet Treats 😋🍭🍫

We’re looking for a galaxy–no, a sweet, sugar-filled land–far, far away–wait, no, it can’t be far away–where there isn’t just ice cream, but there are desserts of all shapes, sizes, and tastes.

Somewhere convenient, somewhere we can just chill while having something, either chilled or warm... and sweet. But where can we find this Neverland-type of sweet spot?

A wonderland of candies, pastries, milkshakes, gelatos, and savory foods? What’s that? Is it a Sonic? Is it a DQ? No - it’s Manny’s Sweet Treats!


Brace yourself and enter a small world of everything big–big, crazy milkshakes to start with.

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We’ll prove it.

Set in the busy town of North Hempstead, Long Island, Manny’s hooks you up with an out-of-this-world menu of choices, ranging from their unique milkshakes to pastries, a large selection of gummy and wrapped candies, sodas, and gelatos! And the best part of this cool place: it’s open longer than many of the dessert locations in town!

We’ve all had those sweet-tooth cravings at 9 PM, and Manny’s is luckily open until 11 PM every night!

With an adorably-decorated inside seating area, it’s the perfect place to take the family out, have a night out with friends, or bring someone special with you to share a huge milkshake 😉.


Filled in a tall glass and topped with mountains of sweets foods (cotton candy, ice cream cones, and pastries), Manny’s milkshakes quickly slurped up the crowds of Long Island faster than the time it takes them to create their artistic shakes.

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Now, art takes time. And not only art but the perfect taste does too! Sometimes, with huge crowds filing in, it can take up to a 45-minute wait for them to properly whip-up your chosen drink. But come on, how could you not set aside some time of your day or night to indulge in one of these beauties?

Ranging from “Candy Sushi” to “Death by Brownie” to the “Cotton Candy” shake, Manny’s shakes will change your outlook on what real artistry and desserts look like.

If shakes aren’t your thing, grab a bag of your favorite gummies or hard candy from this section of Manny’s. Unless you don’t like sweets, which in that case...we can’t even think of how to continue that sentence. Hopefully, you love candy if you’re reading this.


A wide array of gelatos brings you to enjoy various flavor combinations, such as Banana Nutella, Panacotta, and Salted Caramel! What nearby location offers gelato flavors and combos like this? You can try to find another place, but we’re sure that one may be far, far away...

Sundaes, parfaits, crepes, and pastries decorate their menu as well! For those of you that love Churros, we guarantee theirs are die-hard tasty.

And now, for their hot, savory bites, we have the Rainbow Grilled-Cheese sandwich on the menu, and boy would we love to sink our teeth into this interesting dish! Who loves grilled cheese? Well, we certainly do, which is why the “rainbow” part of the title annihilates all common expectations of savory meals.

We don’t know how you’re feeling right now, but we’ll be over there if you need us 👋.

To infinity and beyond? More like to dessert-ity and beyond. Get it? Okay, not funny, that’s fine. But we’re not joking about the quality-level this sweet spot is on.

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