Your Weekend Brunch Plans Are Here: Make (Brunch) Pizza & Drink Bubbly 🍕🍳🥂

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Pizza. The Brooklyn Bridge. Central Park. Bagels. Brunch. Some words are simply synonymous with the hustle and bustle that is New York City and its' lifestyle. 

But whether you're a native New Yorker or just recently moved here from another city, state, or country, there's one time-tested tradition that every New Yorker knows all too well-- although some way more than others (like that one roommate who goes out every weekend for brunch and comes home completely obliterated by about 5 PM, right?). Nonetheless, brunch is the quintessential New York City weekend extravaganza. 

Hence, the wildly successful and sold-out interactive food experience 'Make Pizza Drink Wine' (now in three locations across Brooklyn and Manhattan) has officially spawned its very own weekend brunch rendition, 'Make (Brunch) Pizza Drink Bubbly: Greenpoint' 'Make Pizza Drink Bubbly: Hudson Square'

For two hours, you’ll leave your inhibitions at the door and become a downright integral part of this culinary adventure. That’s right, if you’re totally over sitting down at another overcrowded weekend brunch spot and simply stuffing your face (and tummy!) with mediocre egg dishes and watered down Bloody Marys, listen up-- because this is not just another boozy brunch. This is way more than that. It’s an artisanal food experience in an abundantly social setting, unlike anything you’ve ever seen or heard about before.

The wildly successful and weekly sold-out interactive food experience 'Make Pizza Drink Wine' has officially spawned its very own weekend brunch rendition, 'Make Pizza Drink Bubbly: Greenpoint' & 'Make Pizza Drink Bubbly: Hudson Square'

So how about rolling up your sleeves and learning how to make a brunch or Neapolitan pie from scratch-- practically however your lil’ heart desires-- and then devouring your very own creation after it's tossed in the oven?! All the while, you sip on bottomless mimosas, Bellinis, or Prosecco and get served amazing appetizers like disco fries, fresh focaccia bread, and even truffle cheese rice balls. Oh, and to top it all off, what better way to finish off your brunch than with a Nutella-infused or tiramisu dessert? (We know. We had you at dessert. SAME.)

*Please note: If your group is 10 people or more (birthday parties are welcome!), please contact to discuss setting up a private event.*

Want to feel extra good about enjoying your time out making pizza and drinking bubbly? We have proudly partnered with Slice Out Hunger, which supports local hunger relief organizations through the American pizza community, and donate 5% from all ticket sales to their efforts. Sweet!

Fornino (849 Manhattan Avenue - Greenpoint, Brooklyn)

WHEN: Saturdays, April 6th, 20th, 27th & May 4th, 3 PM to 5 PM; Purchase Tickets HERE

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Located in the historic neighborhood of Greenpoint, Fornino is everything a neighborhood pizza joint is supposed to be: charming, cozy, and inviting. Fun fact: Its owner, chef, and restaurateur Michael Ayoub has been credited as starting the New York City artisanal pizza craze in 2004 with the launch of Fornino, considered his life’s work. (NBD, you know?)

“I never wanted this place to be about me; I wanted to create a brand,” said Ayoub, once an accomplished glass blower, over lunch. Well, that’s exactly what he’s done on the ground level of this quintessential fire escape-facaded building on Manhattan Avenue in Brooklyn.

Fornino's owner, chef, and restaurateur Michael Ayoub has been credited as starting the New York City artisanal pizza craze in 2004 with the launch of this Brooklyn-based brand, considered his life’s work.

The minute you walk in, your eyes will gravitate towards the enormous wood-fired oven smack dab in the center of this super authentic, intimate atmosphere-- and you’ll feel the heat, too. But there’s something that screams home about it all, and getting that feeling on a weekend over brunch, it simply feels right. 

And that’s what you’ll love most-- plus it doesn’t hurt when you have Chef Ayoub at the helm of this two-hour (starting at 3 PM on Saturdays because, let's be honest, no real New Yorker really wants to wake up that early on Saturday, especially after a long workweek) brunch rendition of Make Pizza Drink Wine, aptly entitled 'Make Pizza Drink Bubbly', teaching attendees exactly how he does what he does so well: neo-Neapolitan pies, but this time, with a good ol' fashioned brunch twist on 'em.

Before getting schooled by Ayoub’s masterful culinary skills and creative talents, you’ll get to enjoy shared appetizers of Italian chickpeas with house-made focaccia bread and wood-fired crostini topped with ricotta and honey. Then, you’ll get to choose between making your very own prosciutto & egg (with optional mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese toppings) or spinach & egg (with optional goat cheese, fontina, mascarpone, and white truffle oil toppings) Neapolitan pie, quintessential brunch-style.

by Camille Felicity

Finally, last but definitely not least, a self-serving of homemade tiramisu sends everyone home happy-- and just wee bit tipsy (the latter, of course, is compliments of the bottomless Prosecco and Bellinis that are served throughout the two-hour experience). 

We know, we know, we had you at bottomless, amirite? Grab your tickets here!

Adoro Lei (287 Hudson Street - Hudson Square, Manhattan)

WHEN: Every Sunday in April, 1 PM to 3 PM; Purchase Tickets HERE

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Nestled in the heart of Manhattan’s transformative Hudson Square, Adoro Lei (for those curious, the expression is Italian for “I love her”) has completely recreated the traditional pizza-eating experience into the ultimate pizza party brunch vibe with its stylish interior art and carefully-curated playlist. The ultra-hip setting within this upscale Italian restaurant/lounge is the main reason why ‘Make Pizza Drink Bubbly’ has selected this venue as its first Manhattan location.

Adoro Lei has completely recreated the traditional pizza-eating experience into the ultimate pizza party brunch vibe with its stylish interior art and carefully-curated playlist.

Starting here in April and taking over the entire back section of the restaurant, your Sunday Funday brunch experience will be all about the sights and sounds, your company, but most importantly, its wood-fired Neapolitan pies fired up by a beautifully-customized Forza Forni oven and fueled by bottomless glasses of Prosecco and mimosas. 

So what are all the delicious deets on the brunch menu? How about shared appetizers of artisanal truffle cheese rice balls plus disco fries topped with artisanal cheese, gravy & chives, a traditional Neapolitan pie main course (made with your very own hands, of course), and an absolute can’t-miss dessert of Nutella fingers.

by Camille Felicity

P.S., it’ll be especially hard not to catch your BFF (or yourself, for that matter) taking a drunk selfie (or three) with the sexy pop art that adorns the establishment’’s jet black walls, which were commissioned specifically by Dessie Jackson, an up-and-coming artist featured in Nylon, Complex, Vice, and Noisy. Get your tickets here!

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