Do you have it in you to sing or dance your heart out in the cold? It can be quite exhilarating and perhaps the best way to stay warm today, especially right before the Winter Solstice. 

If you haven’t heard, the streets of New York City will come to life with the booming and rhythmic sounds of music. A great number of participants and performers -- young and old, amateur and professionals --will come together to celebrate the mark of the winter solstice.

There will be bells, drums, electric guitars, you know, the works. 

So get those lungs and feet ready for the grand parade, 'Make Music Winter' returns for its fifth year today.

Similar to "Make Music New York", that takes place on June 21st, "Make Music Winter" is a free, outdoor musical event that takes place annually each year in NYC. 

Inspired by Phil Kline’s “Unsilent Night,” "Make Music Winter" is quite the buzz and definitely one festivity you won’t want to miss.


"Make Music Winter, will kick off with its first exuberant piece, “Alpine Echoes” by the lionized musician Joan La Barbara who will lead a call-and-response vocal piece for all singers between West 187 Street and Ft. Washington Avenue at 12 p.m.

tatephoto Watching hearing people sing on our street. / #makemusicnewyork

A series of subsequent performances will take place including instrumental and tap dancing until 5:30 p.m. There's a ton going on, so check out the full event here

If you are interested in participating all you have to do is muster the confidence to come ready to sing, dance, and play!

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[Feature Image Courtesy The San Diego Union Tribune]