Vacationland is where you want to be.

Ever catch yourself saying that you don't want to live in New York City anymore? It's okay to admit it. It's not such a taboo. This city is crazy expensive, has some pretty rude folks and finding an affordable apartment is damn near impossible.

But, maybe you're in too deep? Maybe you can stand the hipster onslaught. When you see a poster telling residents to protest Citi Bike, you don't even question it. Maybe you've become one yourself.

So, where can you go that will have the familiar sights of scarves in 90 degree weather and the comforting smells of beard oil?

Maine wants you to move to their state, but before you do that, they want you to try out a week there and check out the many employment opportunities the state has.

Looks like lobsters, clams and more lobsters are going replace pizza bodega sandwiches and all these classic NYC foods.

The program is called Live and Work in Maine and they really want you to come to their state. The whole site is basically designed to get employers to entice potential employees to work in Maine.

They boast that you'll "Visit for a week, stay for a lifetime." 

Maine will even pay for that week if you decide to stay. 


Granted, you need proof of employment and a place of stay but other than that it's a free week's vacation in Vacationland.

Maine often says that the life their residents have there is how life should be. Well, we're sorry, Maine, but we're just not seeing it. Even for lobster rolls. We've got our own right here.

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[via Brokelyn] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]