It's almost swimsuit season, so there's no better time for us to tell you about this rich, decadent, most certainly fattening new invention from Magnolia Bakery

Ok... maybe the start of swimsuit season isn't the best time to tell you about something you will want to eat buckets of, but this pudding is worth it. 

Magnolia Bakery introduced a chocolate version of their fan-favorite banana pudding, complete with bananas, chocolate pudding, and pieces of chocolate/Oreo like cake. 

When we found out that Magnolia was offering a chocolate variation, we knew we just had to have it. Things like that, you just can't get away from. Stop fighting it. 

Yeah, we gave up pretty quickly. We booked it down to Bleecker Street for a tub of each, chocolate and vanilla, so we could judge it for ourselves. 

Let's put it this way, if you like light, fluffy, chocolate pudding with a cross between a mousse-soft ice cream consistency with chunks of soft chocolate cake that taste like the blessed Oreo you left in the milk too long, and heaps of bananas... yeah, you're in luck. 


Uh, yeah... so much for swimsuit season. 

If you thought Magnolia Bakery's banana pudding was on point, just wait until you check out their chocolate banana pudding game (hint: strong). 


Don't believe us? Check out our snapchat (username: spoilednyc). You can see exactly how much we loved the new flavor. Then, get yourself to one of Magnolia's locations and get a pint for yourself. 

Actually, better get two just to be safe. 

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[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]