Parking is at a premium in Manhattan, as is pretty much everything else, so it's unsurprising that a celebrity considered it appropriate to take it upon herself to save her own space. 

The Daily Mail reported that Madonna put up fake "No Parking" signs in front of her $40 million Upper East Side townhouse in order to prevent neighbors and others from parking in front of her home. 

The signs include a 'Tenant Parking Only' sign, stating 'Unauthorized vehicles will be towed away at vehicle owner's expense,' signs adhered to the security gates of her home stating the same, as well as the words 'No parking' imprinted in the sidewalk's edge. 

Though the signs aren't of the same design as the official Department of Transportation notices, many neighbors and motorists have refrained from parking in the area in the event that they were sanctioned by the city. 

A neighbor told the Daily Mail Online that all of the neighbors have "been wondering for a while now if these signs are real and everyone on her street has just accepted them."

They went on to say, "[at] first we thought it made sense as often you see middle age fans trying to catch a glimpse of her, so it looked like she had a permit to have them so she could come and go without being annoyed. We're now troubled that they could be fake as this just seems so entitled."

Unfortunately, the signs aren't the biggest complaint the neighbors have about the singer. 


"What has angered us the very most is that when she leaves one of her staff literally walks into the street and stops cars and pedestrians from passing. This way she can leave from inside the garage and not have to deal with the public."

Is it sad that we're not entirely surprised? 


via Daily Mail

Sure, the star should have a little bit of privacy, but not at the expense of us untalented, broke laypeople who are just trying to live our lives. 

The city has issued Madonna with a letter of defacement, giving her 30 days to respond or face a $250 fine. 

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