Do you have plans to get a little twisted (or a lot twisted) this weekend?

Chances are, you don't own a car and haven't really thought about the dangers of driving in general, let alone drunk (editor's note: To be clear, driving drunk is stupid. Don't f*cking do it), but you'll probably want to check out this latest ride-sharing deal anyway.

In a creative initiative to discourage drunk driving, Lyft and Budweiser have partnered up to provide free and discounted rides home for the wasted populations of Colorado, Illinois, Florida, and good for us, New York.

And here, we never imagined we would be thanking Budweiser for anything. Thanks Budweiser, we almost forgive you for all the college hangovers.

Again, you might be thinking "who the f*ck has a car?" in NYC but just wait, although their intent is to focus on drunk driving, this promotion will also be helping many people get home safe at night, even if you don't have a vehicle. 

As reported by Thrillist, you can check the Budweiser and Lyft Facebook pages on Fridays for coupon codes that you can enter into the Lyft app. 

Only the first 5,000 people to register the code will get the deal, so enter the codes as soon as you get them and it will automatically save the coupon for you to redeem any time between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m. on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. 


They will take up to $10 off a ride's total cost and if it's less than $10, your ride will be free. 

It's a pretty nice deal, especially when you consider their competition's predilection for leaving you hangin' on huge nights of the year like, IDK, New Year's Eve, and their unlimited UberPOOL promotion that just happens to expire on Halloween weekend...

And sure, wandering around the East Village when you're seven drinks in won't result in the consequences that might occur if you got behind the wheel of a car, but hey, walking home drunk at night can also be no joke.

If you're someone who doesn't confine your partyin' to the weekend (you do you), you can also check out Uber's unlimited UberPOOL deal for October.

[via Thrillist] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]