Have you been house huntin' lately? It's kinda feels like your developing insanity, right? 

You look, find a nice little place and then you see the dreaded price. Rinse and repeat until you've settled on a home that is nothing like you expected. 

If you think the prices you've seen are outrageous, and they are considering the average apartment in Manhattan goes for $2 million, wait until you see these prices for these apartments, as reported by The Real Deal

The 285 market-rate units at 15 Hudson Yards are going for an average of $3,255 per square foot, and the most expensive unit, just under 5,200 square feet, is listed at $32 million, or almost double than the average.

If you haven't heard of 15 Hudson Yards, then don't worry. You're going to see it. A lot. It's one of the new buildings reshaping and the skyline


By 2020, the skyline will look incredibly different than it is now, and you can thank buildings like 15 Hudson Yards for that.

For a one-bedroom apartment, you can expect a $1.92 million price tag. For one. Bedroom. 

But don't worry, more than 200 out of the 285 are priced under $7 million so rejoice.

106 units are set aside as "affordable" homes, but even with that affordability, the building is expected to sell each unit and make off with $1.74 billion.

Surprisingly, these units are smaller than your average for "luxury." 

The reason being is that 20% of luxury apartments just sit there waiting for someone to pop champagne over fish eggs or whatever outrageously solvent people do at dinner.


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