Luxurious Spring Sandwiches and NYC Parks Paired 🌷🗽🥪

 Make your next picnic G-L-A-M with artisan-crafted sandwiches and the perfect spot to match!

As warm weather encourages us to revel in outdoor activities it also draws the city inhabitants to enjoy eating outside. New York City has several green spaces where you can enjoy a sunny picnic, your favorite book, and a delicious bite to eat.

We’ve selected some of the finest sandwiches in New York City and paired them with neighboring lawns, grassy plains, and blooming flowers sure to please!

Nice Matin (201 W 79th) @ Central Park

Pan Bagnat at Nice Matin.

Add French flavor to your picnic in Central Park, with the transportive dishes of Nice Matin! This season’s must-have and must-grab sandwich, The Pan Bagnat, hails from Nice, France, and is the passion project of Executive Chef Eric Starkman. This tender and satisfying handheld is inspired by the signature Salad Nicoise featuring marinated imported tuna, tomatoes, fennel, hard-cooked eggs, Nicoise olive aioli on a warm baguette, and served with Provençal chips that are in themselves enough to warrant a visit. We also recommend ordering the Spaghettis A La Marseille with juicy prawns, mussels, and crab tossed in a creamy sauce of saffron and spices inspired by the flavors of Marseille, France.

Xe May Sandwich Shop (96 St Marks Pl) @ Tomkins Square Park

The Hog from Xe May Sandwich Shop

Rejuvenate your old-school picnic by ordering a Bahn mi served with pickled carrots and cilantro at Xe May Sandwich Shop.

The so-called Hog sandwich at Xe May Sandwich Shop features grilled pork slices, accompanied by flavor-packed scallion oil and topped with fried shallots for an added bite. If you'd like something a little lighter, we recommend sampling their Mean Green with soy glazed portabello, spiced tofu, and cauliflower spread on a whole wheat baguette. If you have space for some more, try out their tacos with options like lemongrass chicken or curry lamb, you can't go wrong.

Dagon (2454 Broadway) @ Riverside Park

Tuna Tunisien at Dagon.

Bring the bold flavors of the Mediterranean to Riverside Park, by ordering this must-try handheld at Dagon. 

Dagon’s Upper West Side location transports guests with the flavors of Chef Ari Bokovza’s Tunisian and Israeli heritage. Bokovza’s signature creation, the Tuna “Tunisien”, pays homage to his roots. A light bread fried in-house is stuffed with olive oil poached tuna, hard-boiled egg, potato, cucumber, harissa, and preserved lemon. If you’re inviting some friends and feel like carbing up, don’t shy away from their freshly baked flatbreads sprinkled with cracked sea salt and herbs.

Fat Choy (250 Broome St) @ Seward Park

Mushroom Sloppy at Fat Choy.

Host a sustainable picnic in Seward Park with grub from the eye-catching and convenient vegan menu at Fat Choy! 

Even if you ordered the entire menu plus drinks, you wouldn’t have to worry about breaking the bank at Fat Choy, where Chef Justin Lee whips up colorful, seasonal, and comforting dishes like the Mushroom Sloppy, which features a sesame pancake stuffed with saucy mushroom ragu and Chinese slaw. We recommend ordering Salt + Pepper Cauli, fried with garlic, jalapeno, and topped with creamy shallot sauce, per person to complete your upscale picnic experience.

La Churreria (284 Mulberry) @ Washington Square Park

Mixto Bocata from La Churreria

Sample Spain’s emblematic bocata while sunbathing in Washington Square Park by visiting La Churreria! 

The cozy and quaint cafe offers an impressive espresso menu with highlights like the sweet and simple Bon Bon, and earthy Matcha Lattes. All your pals can find a sandwich of their choice with a range of options like the Mixto Bocata, filled with serrano ham and manchego cheese or the Veggie Bocata stuffed with grilled zucchini, mushrooms, and more. If their bocatas aren’t tempting you, we encourage you to order their Churro Egg Sandwich, with scramble, serrano ham, and manchego cheese on bun-shaped churros. Do not, we repeat, do not leave La Churreria without ordering the original churros and their stuffed counterparts filled with Nutella, banana, or dulce de leche.

If you’d like to discover more grassy lawns and nature-ruled spaces in New York City, read our guide to Escape-worthy Picnic Destinations at Underrated NYC Parks.

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