Have You Heard About This Café-Barbershop Hybrid Opening on the LES Next Month?

It's true, and not only in New York City: we want more than one thing at the same time. Maybe it all started with bundling cable and phone packages, cable and internet-- hell, maybe it started when we combined peanut butter and jelly. 

Who knows? All we know now is that we're totally into new places that are more than just one thing. We want movie theaters where we can also grab a good meal, bookstores where we can booze it up, and even booze joints that have more than just booze. 

Whether it's simply for the sake of convenience; that place that kills the proverbial two birds with one stone, or it's something that offers a wholly new and interesting experience, hybrid shops, stores, and services are generally good ideas that we're quick to check out for ourselves. 

Next month, though, we're looking at Ludlow Coffee Supply and Ludlow Barber Supply, a hybrid cafe-barbershop on the LES. 

Located at 176 Ludlow Street, this sweet new spot will take over the former home of Pink Pony. 

The original bar has been reconfigured as the coffee counter, where they'll serve coffee roasted locally in Red Hook, Brooklyn along with some light fare.   

A three-chair barbershop will reside in the back of the room where professional stylists will chop away at your hair in all manner of elegant fashions. 


Of course, if you can't wait another month before LCS & LBS opens February 19th, you can always check out the LookBooker app to find the absolute best salon and barbershop services Manhattan has to offer. 

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[via TimeOut] [Feature Image Courtesy BoweryBoogie]