Looks like this city is gonna get low, low, low.

Innovation is greatly appreciated, and very much wanted in New York City. One incredible and creative part of the city is the famed High Line. The park has quickly become a staple for the city and has even inspired others to create High Lines in other districts.

While we're building these parks up, one crazy venture wants to build a park below ground, and it's looking more and more likely as the days go by.

The Lowline has gotten approval from city regulators, so within the next year the project has to raise $10 million, show schematics and face their biggest challenge: the community.

If you haven't heard about this project, check out this video that will blow your mind. The whole park sounds so Sci-fi that you're gonna wanna watch it twice so your mind can comprehend it.

Recently, we talked about how the park was in danger of becoming a bus depot because of the L train shut down. The reason being that the proposed area for the park is in a former trolley station.

While many see the Lowline as an opportunity to showcase true innovation and bring in a slew of people everyday, some see it as the final nail in the coffin of gentrification.

This isn't your normal park where you'll be able to fly kites and watch fireworks. The Lowline is more of a garden that will feel like it extends forever, filled with vibrant and rich colors. 


Of course, as with any innovation in NYC, many are worried that this will attract increasingly wealthy tenants to the area, and ultimately drive up the price of the neighborhood.

While many are hopeful that the Lowline breezes past the challenges of city and state regulations ― not to mention their respective officials ― the biggest opponent may be the people that the Lowline wishes to impress the most. 


The people who live there.

We can only hope that both parties settle this soon, so we may one day experience NYC's first ever underground park.

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