New York City is a beautiful city filled with incalculable levels of diversity, teeming with important values, and stacked with shiny skyscrapers that reflect sunlight.

Viewed from the right vantage, NYC can be even more astounding. We mean, the beauty was always there, it just all depends where you look.

17-year-old filmmaker AlexLens created a stunning cinematographic tribute to NYC, and for this video, he focused his camera in all the right places.

On his YouTube page, AlexLens wrote, "I was lucky enough to visit New York City during the winter holidays with the family. NYC is mesmerising, it's the city which never sleeps and is filled with urban beauty. Everyone needs to visit when the have the chance."

Alex, we think we're the ones that got lucky that you graced our city with your eye for film.

Watch the video below to see a MetroCard serenely slide through a slot, a cab turn a corner in slow motion, NYC's subways at rest for the night, and all the splendors of Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the sunset over NYC's rivers.


You don't have to take our word for it. If you were looking for a reaffirmation of NYC's magic, all you have to do is watch the video below.

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