Take a Look at What's Coming to the Great Northern Food Hall at Grand Central Terminal This May

Remember nearly a year ago when we got word of the amazing food hall opening at Grand Central Terminal? Yeah, so do we. 

We love food halls. We love food markets. We love restaurants. We love food delivery. We love food in just about every conceivable form. 

So are we still excited about Claus Meyer's Great Northern Food Hall opening in little more than a month? Hell yeah. 

And you should too. Food halls and food markets are changing the game. 

From The Pennsy that's made setting foot near Penn Station not seem so miserable, to the dream of Bourdain's food market at Pier 57 that keeps us warm at night, we're so down with food markets and halls. 

So while we wait for Danish chef Claus Meyer's 5,000-square-foot Nordic food hall to open in Vanderbilt Hall in May, there's a lot to look forward to. 

The food hall is set to open with a bar and 5 different food stations with rotating spring menus featuring local ingredients from the likes of Grain Bar, Almanak, Meyer's Bageri, Brownsville Roasters, and Open Rye. 

With everything from porridge, coffee, salad, and insane open-faced sandwiches from Denmark (known as smørrebrød), the Great Northern Food Hall will fit right in with the strong New York City food game. 

Not only that, but Meyer is bringing his very own Nordic palate to the hall with a 100-seat restaurant, Agern, helmed by Icelandic chef Gunner Gíslason.

But what the f*ck is smørrebrød? Good question. Check out the video of superstar Chef Claus Meyer make Denmark's famous open-faced sandwiches below. Then, get hungry. Nordic cuisine is coming,


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[via Time Out] [Feature Image Courtesy Youtube]