A Day At Long Beach 🏖🍻👙

Coffee, errands, reports, and deadlines. I don’t know about you, but I need a break. Summer used to be about letting loose, sleeping in, and definitely not working.

Rather than allowing the stress of the city to force you into an early grave, take a break. In fact, you deserve the whole day off. Long Beach is the perfect getaway for a day. Here are 4 short activities to fill up your Long Beach day off.

Stick Your Head in the Sand, literally


Sometimes the best therapy is to do nothing. Lay out like a piece steak on a grill (sorry vegans). Take a dip, take a nap, and take a second to unplug from life. Let the tide pull all your problems out to sea. 

Just because you take a day off doesn’t mean you have to overexert yourself. Take some you time and regroup before you attempt an activity. Once you find your zen, then the fun can really begin.

I Scream, You Scream, We all… 


The one thing that keeps me going after a long day of smiling and praying for the sweet release of the clock: Ice Cream. The second my apartment door closes, I am face deep in something dairy.

If you haven’t had ice cream on a hot summer day at the beach then you have been cheated by the system and for that, I apologize.

Ralph’s Famous is a local chain that will love you until you can love yourself again.

Speak easier at The Speakeasy

Everyone loves a theme. Lose yourself in The Roaring 20’s at a speakeasy.

This bar and restaurant, right near the beach, has great food, great atmosphere, and great drinks. Nothing is more distracting than spending an hour or two in a completely different decade.

Who knows, you might end up partying like Gatsby.

Don’t be Board, just take a walk

Did you catch that a bad pun?

This is the perfect way to end your day, walk it off in style on the boardwalk. Let the beautiful ocean vista distract you from your needy co-workers.

Catch me at the beach on spoiled NYC’s Instagram today as we take a trip with Skedaddle.  

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