We simply can't resist local farmers markets. Don't even get us started on local craft beer. Does it get any better than local?

If you have a teensy hipster streak like us, you know that the best honey is locally made honey... but we're not sure how to handle Green-Wood Cemetery's new brand of our fave sticky sweet spread.

As reported by The Brooklyn Paper, the cemetery hosts 580,000 corpses but is also filled with thousands of pollen-producting plants, and 100,000 bees.

The bee population was introduced to Green-Wood Cemetery in the Spring of 2015 as an effort to fight "colony collapse disorder"– which is when millions of worker bees vanish from their hives and abandon their queen.

These bees ain't any free-loading bees though, they are paying their dues with the honey they will be producing for the cemetery to sell. 

We wonder how big their cut is.

The honey business, dubbed "The Sweet Hereafter" (we see u, Green-Wood Cemetery), according to Gothamist, will be available for purchase at Green-Wood's 25th Street entrance in the next couple of weeks, and will come in unique flavors like tangerine and mint. 


There's something a liiitle disconcerting about consuming honey made inside a cemetery, literally among the grounds, but apparently, the bees who live in the cemetery live happier lives than their cousins, who occupy a rooftop in Fort Greene.

“They have more foliage, they’re right next to a lake, they’re beneath a willow tree, so they have shade,” says their beekeeper Davin Larson. “I’d say they’re doing a lot better at Green-Wood.”


via Gothamist

TBH, we're more intrigued by mint-flavored honey than we are concerned about the location of the hives if the bees are well-cared for. 

... This will probably change if we get haunted by swarms of killer ghost bees or something at the consumption of "The Sweet Hereafter," but for now, YOLO, amirite?

[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Gothamist]