New Yorkers, rejoice! We’re getting closer and closer to completely stepping out of the dark ages, you know, the ones without Wi-Fi

We’ve already told you about LinkNYC’s plan to blanket the city in Wi-Fi by converting outdated payphones into kiosks with charging stations, free nationwide calling, and an interactive screen for help and directions.

What you probably don’t know is that they plan on rolling out around 510 of these beta testers by July of this year.

That’s a pretty ambitious plan, considering they’ve only begun installation of these kiosks last week, but we’re hopeful that we’ll have our Wi-Fi up and running in the near future.

If you haven’t had a chance to see or use one, head on over to the East Village, where the first public Wi-Fi kiosk was spotted on December 28th.

Hint: it’s right outside of Starbucks.


The 510 stations will be in beta testing (or a trial for the final stages of products for those of us who don’t understand technospeak) will be located across two sections of Manhattan, the South Bronx, Jamaica Queens, Staten Island, and Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn.

kipsbaycorner Good morning Kips Bay free wi-fi coming soon to a corner near you. #linknyc

LinkNYC hopes to have around 4,550 kiosks up and running with secure, high speed internet by 2020 (which is now only 4 years away because, math).

Our fingers are crossed that LinkNYC will have this project completed on schedule so we can watch Making a Murderer anywhere we want.

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[via Engadget] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]