Anybody listen to real sh*t anymore? 

We do. We're still pumpin' Phife. We're still swerving whenever Biggie pops on. We're still praying for the return of the Starman. We're good. 

Okay, so all of that might hint at the idea that we're living in the past, but we're okay with that. Why? Because of the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. 

This July marks the 12th annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, which has announced its 2016 lineup including some of hip hop's greatest.

Going down July 13th through 16th, the festival will feature Nas, Talib Kweli, Fabolous, Rapsody, and more. 

Stay tuned to the festival's homepage for more artist announcements, and grab your tickets here

It's going to be dope. 

In the meantime, if you're as stoked for Nas being in this lineup as we are, it's probably because of the world's greatest diss track, "Ether." 

If somehow you've forgotten about this, check out the video below. 


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[via Time Out New York] [Feature Image Courtesy Amoeba]