It seems like we've been through it all with our beloved Hamilton.

We were there to watch ticket prices soar, and watch with pride as Hamilton scooped up 11 Tony Awards.

Now, Hamilton's leading man, Lin-Manuel Miranda, has taken his final bow.

July 9th was Lin-Manuel Miranda's last official performance as Alexander Hamilton, as well as the last performance for costars Leslie Odom Jr. and Phillipa Soo, as well as an ensemble member.

Leslie Odom Jr. was known for his performance as Aaron Burr, which won him the 2016 Tony Award for Best Lead Actor in a Musical, triumphing over Miranda himself. 

Phillipa Soo was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Lead Actress in a Musical for her performance as Alexander Hamilton's wife, Eliza Schuyler.

Tickets for this performance were, of course, off the charts expensive. One ticket-holder even claimed to have paid $3,500 for their ticket - and this was their second time seeing the show!

The audience for the night was packed with notable names hoping to catch a final glimpse of the original cast of the musical that has taken Broadway by storm.

Secretary of State John Kerry, Jennifer Lopez, Jane Fonda, and Spike Lee were just a few of the A-listers in the crowd for the July 9th performance.


This performance was packed with a number of standing ovations for each of the exiting cast members. Miranda received a standing ovation that lasted an entire minute during his opening number "Alexander Hamilton."

The curtain call was live-streamed on Facebook, allowing thousands of Hamilfans to watch as the four cast members took their final bows.

Miranda took a humble bow, only to be pushed forward by cast member Christopher Jackson to center stage to receive a deafening round of applause.

While Miranda didn't have any parting words, he did get an appropriate send off from the orchestra. 

The orchestra played the opening theme from The West Wing as the actors exited the stage, a nod to the television show that Miranda had previously credited as a major influence on the creation of the show.

Despite pouring rain outside, dedicated fans, even those who didn't have a ticket to the show, waited outside for a glimpse of the actors leaving through the stage door.

Miranda made his way to the marquee of the theater for his final wave goodbye, holding his hand to his heart before being swept away to what we're sure was an absolutely insane after party.

The exiting cast members won't have much time to relax, as they all have some pretty major projects lined up for themselves.

Miranda will be starring opposite Emily Blunt in the upcoming Mary Poppins sequel, Soo will be starring in the Broadway adaptation of the hit film Amelie, and Odom Jr. will be working on promoting his recently released solo album.

While we're disappointed that we weren't able to see Hamilton during the height of its glory with the original cast, we're sure the star that is Hamilton and its cast will continue to shine bright for years to come.

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[via Variety] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]