Are you a Star Wars nerd? Does a lightsaber get you more excited then seeing your pizza delivery guy? Are you a kid on the inside? Do you need a way to release some stress?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I got three words for you: Glow. Sword. Battle. 

Yes, you read that right. It’s all going down October 15th at 8 p.m., in Washington Square Park.

Officially called the Glow Battle Tour, the event is being put on by Newmindspace.

Newmindspace is a Toronto-based, non-profit event-performance organization type-thing. Since 2005, masterminds Laurie Kufner and Kevin Bracken have been putting on fun and free events to make life suck just a little bit less. 

The pair’s first activity was staged in 2004 after they met in college, and involved hiding 2000 eggs with positive messages around the city of Toronto to create an urban easter egg hunt.

Since then, there’s been over a hundred events around New York, Toronto, and San Francisco, ranging from bubble battles to humongous capture the flag matches. 

The organization is also known for staging the annual Pillow Fight in Washington Square Park as part of International Pillow Fight Day on April 2nd.


All of Newmindspace’s events are crazy fun, but they’re also pleasing with a purpose. Every event has an opportunity for charity, and the glow battle tour is no different, as a large portion of donations go to any number of good causes. 

For $10 plus handling, anyone can have a glow sword that changes up to 6 colors! Woah!!

Of course, you can bring your own lightsaber/glow sword/light-up-whatever, free of charge. You can dress up however you want and bring whoever you want, and choose your side in the fight of good vs. evil. 

But really, there’s no malevolence involved: it’s all about fun and recapturing the creative play of childhood. You can order a sword for delivery here, for pick up at the event here, or you can just RSVP here. Mark your calendars and get ready to glow up and engage in a super silly showdown!

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