The word "pigeon" likely invokes a similar feeling amongst all New Yorkers: frustration, disgust, annoyance. 

The city is riddled with these unsightly birds, who over time have become so conditioned to human beings that they have no qualms about getting all up in your shit as you're innocently trying to go about your day. 

However, one brave man is attempting to rehabilitate the pigeon's unsavory image. 

Next month, artist Duke Riley plans to launch his Fly By Night project, in which thousands of pigeons wearing LED lights will fly over the Brooklyn Navy Yard. 

The project stems from Riley's unorthodox affection for these usually-despised creatures. He has been raising pigeons for nearly 20 years and hopes to shed light on the influence that these birds have had on the city's history.

For example, in the days before radio technology, pigeons were once used by the Navy to carry important messages. 

The event will be quite a spectacle. The birds will be released before sunset, and as the sky darkens, will be illuminated by the LED lights that have been fastened to them. 


The audience will then watch as the pigeons perform their intricate flight patterns throughout the sky. 

We're not so sure that New Yorkers' long-standing opinions towards pigeons can be changed, but the project is certainly going to be unique, and not one to miss.


You can catch Fly By Night every weekend evening from May 7th to June 12th. It's totally free, but make sure to RSVP here to get a spot. 

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[via DNA Info] 

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]