8 Absolutely Essential Life Hacks for Surviving the Winter in NYC

Okay, here's the thing: Getting through the winter in New York City is trying, and it takes a certain brand of toughness to do it. If you don't have that toughness going into the winter, you definitely will (hopefully) when it's all over.

Luckily, more and more and more, apps are springing up into cyberspace that make getting through winter in NYC not just doable, but downright delightful.

There are apps that bring groceries and alcohol in an hour; apps that make scheduling salon and barber appointments a cinch, and an incredible service that lets you know about the weather, the subway, and everything else you need to know like it's your pal.

Then there's that World's Comfiest Mattress that Casper makes, and it'll make getting through winter so much more delightful, since no matter how great the city is, you know you'll be spending a lot of time in your bed.

Want to know some more life hacks about navigating NYC's winter like a veritable pro? We thought you would. Read on to learn all about it.

1. LookBooker 

_lookbooker Plan for the day #hustle 💪🏼

You know treating yourself to an appointment at a spa is crucial to thwarting winter blues, right?

We thought so. Yes, yes, yes, it's tempting to stay in your apartment the entire winter, but since scheduling massages, facials, waxes, haircuts and nail appointments has never been this easy, this seamless, we've got to say you don't have much of an excuse not to try LookBooker out.


Oh, you haven't heard of LookBooker? It's an app for scheduling salon, spa, and barber appointments in NYC. They've got a vetted list of salons, spas, and barbershops, organized by neighborhoods.

You pay on the app, you tip on the app, and in a couple clicks, you're on your way to get a completely revitalizing massage. We told you, it's awesome. Check out the LookBooker app here

2. Minibar

minibardelivery 🎵‘Cause all of me loves olive you. 🎵 This #martinimonday our drink matches the weather: cold and dry. #martini #cocktails #vodka #drinks #dailydrink #drinkoftheday #celebrate #Monday #celebrateeveryday

You know the scene. You're shivering under a blanket on your couch in January, or February, and you're getting completely blasted with some pals. Or even just one pal. Or maybe you're drinking alone; we don't judge.

Okay, so then the unthinkable happens. We know, it's so unthinkable it's painful for us to bring up, but then, you run out of alcohol.

It's a million degrees below freezing and you live three blocks from a liquor store. There's no way you're getting more alcohol, but you also need to keep drinking.

Enter, Minibar, here to save the day. They've got a selection of wine, beer, and liquor, and they deliver within 30-60 minutes. NYC has the delivery game on lock, and Minibar helps a lot.

3. FoodKick

foodkick #Brooklyn & #LIC, let's kick it! Get your first 30 days of delivery FREE! 🙌🏻#foodkick

Do you love food as much as we do? If you don't, we can't be friends. Oh, what's that? You do love food as much as us? Great... now listen up. 

FoodKick, a brand spankin' new innovation from the brilliant grocery-delivery service FreshDirect, delivers ah-maz-ing food and delicious booze to the hungry and thirsty residents of Brooklyn and Long Island City.

It's so simple, it cracks us up. Here's what you do: you open the app, you tap what meals, ingredients, beer, wine, and the household supplies you need. Then, you chill out and wait. They'll bring you your groceries or already-prepared meals within in an hour. Perfect, right? 

Seriously, FoodKick is like if Seamless grew up, put on a shiny new suit, and gave us the satisfaction of cooking meals ourselves while chugging the perfect beer to complement that dish. Check it out here

4. Caviar

trycaviar When you find yourself craving #breakfast wayyy after breakfast time because, well, look 👀 @marchempls

Caviar is an app that also ensures you are fed to your satisfaction without you ever having to leave your apartment. We're so on board with that part. Leaving our apartment to eat in the freezing cold tundra of NYC's winter sounds so lame.

Caviar is a step up for food delivery because they've got this thing called Caviar Fastbite, and it ensures you're brought your affordable meals in 15 minutes or fewer during peak lunch and dinner hours.

It's also better than other food delivery services, like ones that rhyme with shmeemless, because you can track your meal with a real-time GPS. Also, they curate the best restaurants in the city, so you'll know you're getting quality stuff, and they provide their own delivery for restaurants that wouldn't otherwise. 

Check out the Caviar app here, and enjoy the luxury of never having to leave the warmth of your building to eat again.


5. Poncho

hiponcho I'm already sweating. 🐾 #weather #nyc #summer

You have to know what the weather is in NYC, right? 

NYC's weather has been so bipolar this season, even the staunchest of weather-checking avoiders have started doing it.

Which is why we need PonchoPoncho is a delightful service for checking the weather. It's like being best pals with the authority of the weather. They might proclaim a "slow clap," for a high of 64 on a Monday. 

It tells you whether the weather will irritate your pollen allergies, whether the day's weather will affect your hair, and it can even give you information about alternate side parking, if you drive a car in this lunatic city.

Oh, it can even give you information about whether your train service is delayed or cancelled. Uh, we know, it's incredible. Sign up for Poncho here

6. Oliver


Are you moving this winter? 

It used to be that the only thing we could think of that was more nightmarish than moving in NYC was moving in NYC in winter.

When you're looking for apartments in NYC you have to hustle outside, running all over town with a broker. Then, you have to slice off your arm to pay that broker, plus your whole bank account.

With Oliver, neither of those are the case. Oliver is a free app that allows you to view apartments remotely, without a broker. So you'll save money, and you'll get to browse apartments from the comfort and warmth of your bed.

We've really been looking out for the one apartment service that would make brokers obsolete, and we're pretty sure we found it. It's called Oliver. Check out the Oliver app-- now available for both iPhone and Android --here

7. Casper

casper Come for the dreamy views. Stay for the nap.

Casper makes it okay for you to never, ever leave your bed this winter.

When you've got a bed this good, a bed this universally comfortable for everyone, there's no need to venture into the glacial, freezing city.

When you've got a perfectly molded pillow that's squishy on the inside and soft on the outside, that never requires flipping to get to the cool side, well, we've got to say, it's tempting to do nothing but chill inside and relax on your pillow.

Casper's mattresses are made with open-cell latex foam that stay cool and adds a delightful bounce. It also has high density memory foam, that'll make you feel like you fell asleep on a cloud of the perfect firmness.

Get a Casper mattress and it'll get you through this winter, the next winter, and dozens of winters after that. That's right; it's got durable base support foam. Buying yourself a Casper mattress is the key to getting through the winter. Trust us, we know what we're talking about.

8. Parlor

trendydanieevents _____TONIGHT‼️____ #HolidayEdition * #SEXAPPEAL #ParlorNYC #Soho|286 Spring St & Hudson Time: 11pm - 4am No Cover B4 12am|Ladies Free B4 1am| D:Stylishly Chic Bottle Info: TrendyDanieEvents@Gmail.com #OneNightOnly #SexyVenue #meatpackingDistrict #nyc #SaturdayNight #LastSaturdayof2015 #nycparty #partyfixx #AllTheParties #QueensNY #trendydanievents #TrendydanieNYC #party #instagood #tagsforlikes #capricornseason #goodtime #likes #WatchMeWork #Goodbye2015 #Hello2016 #GettingReadyFor2016 #HennyPalooza #LastDaysOf2015

Meeting new people is fun, and being friendly makes you happier. That's been, like, scientifically proven by researchers. We're realtime anthropological researchers, and we can tell you that's true.

The one obvious problem? Oh right. No one ever wants to leave their apartments in winter, which makes it so much harder to meet new people. 

Parlor makes meeting new friends and networking contacts so much easier. 

Parlor's got hundreds of members, all of whom chill out at the 5,000-square-foot Soho clubhouse. They have exclusive, nightly parties with DJs after 10 p.m., cultural discussions, events, and complimentary dinners.

Parlor might be just what you need to step your social and professional life to the next level. Do yourself a favor and check it out, why don't you?

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