Leslie Jones, we love you. We used to think of the Olympics as yawwwnarooney, but Leslie Jones showed us the errors of our ways.

She's been live-tweeting the events with all the child-like excitement we expect from things like Pokemon Go and weird things people are doing with pizza.

Leslie Jones and her live-tweeting, however, just made a super-big impression on some super-big people.

After what seems like an eternity of absolutely vile shit-talk raining down on the SNL comedian in the months leading up to Ghostbusters, Leslie Jones braved the twitterverse and has been tweeting her love of the Olympics and #TeamUSA.

It’s been the kind of commentary that Twitter was made for, and it’s gotten us excited about even the most mundane events (Editor’s Note: Just appreciate swimming for what it is, Nick, and quit whining about it!)

And this is where the story brings makes us tear up a little bit. Vulture reported that her enthusiasm (and probz fantastic outfits) got her the trip of a lifetime.

NBC’s executive producer of the Olympics coverage, Jim Bell, formally invited Leslie down to Rio to provide commentary. We’re super pumped for arrival on Friday, but there's no news yet as to which events she'll provide commentary for. 

Regardless, Leslie Jones live-tweeting the Olympics is probably the most wonderfully American thing we've seen all summer. 


[via Vulture] [Feature Image Courtesy FreeMalaysiaToday]