Weekend plans? LEGO to Brooklyn. See what we did there?

Oh, let's explain. LEGO, as in, well, LEGOs. But also as in let's go. See?! Don't you get it?! 

You're right. We were definitely reaching there, but that shouldn't alter your weekend plans. 

This weekend is the last chance you'll have to check out City Point and Brick Fest Live's "epic" holiday LEGO event.  

At this event, you can shop the newest collection of blocks and check out some of the installations and activities.

To be more specific, visitors will be able to build their own derby cars and race them down ramps, play video games in a LEGO-inspired arena, walk through life-size exhibitions and play in a block pit (similar to a ball pit, but with LEGOs).

Um... ouch?


The event will also be showcasing a 20x20 foot mosaic featuring the characters from the new Star Wars Rouge One movie.

The event will be closing on the December 18th, so make sure you get your tickets here.  

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy Time Out]