$29 flights out of New York City?! What the flying f*ck?!

No, this is not a drill! Repeat: this is not a drill!

It's a leap year, New Yorkers, and that means that February will have 29 days instead of 28. 

But that's not a huge deal... the big deal is that JetBlue is offering $29 flight deals for flights on February 29, 2016 if you book TODAY ONLY! 

That's right. Book today only and travel on leap day (February 29th) and you can be lookin' at a $29 flight including fees and taxes.

Want to go to Denver, CO? $29.

How about JFK to Las Vegas? $29.

LaGuardia to Orlando? $29!


JFK to LA? $29!!!

Oh the places you could go with only $29. 

Whether you're looking to escape the cold, or for a spring break getaway, you should check out JetBlue's sale going on TODAY ONLY! 

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[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]