Just Announced: Ms. Lauryn Hill Is Coming to Brooklyn Bowl!

There aren't many contemporary female artists comparable to Lauryn Hill. Not only is she unquestionably talented with poetry and the use of her voice in a number of styles, she's a cultural magnet.

For many, Lauryn Hill's persona epitomizes a perspective of the African-American female experience that's otherwise under, or un-represented: hence the Miseducation

Now she's coming back to Brooklyn Bowl to educate, re-educate, or un-miseducate the masses.  

Going down January 4th in Williamsburg, Hill is one of a litany of artists regularly attracted to the venue, including Slick Rick: the Ruler, Talib Kweli and Questlove's "Bowltrain" DJ sets.


While Lauryn Hill is significantly more incendiary at times compared to other, more frequent regulars at the Bowl, her intellectualism-- however controversial or rooted in ire --is undeniable, and her voice is stellar.

Sometimes people forget that Hill broke a Grammy Award-winning record, scoring five on The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Five Grammies. Five. On one album. 

Not that Grammy Awards are really the objective measuring stick of the most amazing music, but like Hill's vocal talent and mental prowess, her honors are hard to ignore. 


via Brooklyn Bowl

Like her or not, Lauryn Hill is a tristate institution. Even though she's from New Jersey, her time at NYU and subsequent involvement in the Fugees before striking out solo are some New Yorkers' most prideful inclusions in conversation with tourists or family from out of town.

Not only that, but at the time, the Fugees were the second biggest selling R&B act since Michael Jackson.

So if you're into Lauryn, go to the Bowl. Simple as that. Tickets go on sale December 30th. 

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