While you're separating your whites from your colors, do you ever find yourself in a crunch, questioning your pregnancy status?

Or maybe you and the guy doing the rinse cycle couldn't keep in in your pants (because your pants are in the washer) and you suddenly require PlanB after the throes of passion have left you?

Have no fear, because the Sunshine Laundromat and Pinball is here with all of your pregnancy or birth control needs, all stocked in a friendly, easy to use vending machine. 

Because what the world really needs is a laundromat with a vending machine full of birth control options, personal lubricant, and pregnancy tests...

Regardless, the Sunshine Laundromat and Pinball is the type of laundromat geared towards millennials who find the monotony of doing a mundane task such as laundry too dull for their valuable time, but too expensive not to. 

This laundromat is equipped with a bar, games, and (of course) pinball to distract you for the hour that would have been consumed by inescapable boredom. 


But don't worry, because the vending machine is also stocked with candy, because all of that play can build up quite the appetite. 

PlanB is available over the counter the counter in New York, and is available through Sunshine Laundromat's vending machine for $35, according to DNAinfo.

The owner, Peter Rose, told DNAinfo, "I was just bored one day perusing the aisles of CVS. I saw the [PlanB] and thought, 'That doesn't belong in a vending machine,' and so I bought some."


He assures DNAinfo that the inclusion of these items are "not to make a political statement. It's just random items for fun."

The only thing missing from the vending machine are condoms. 

"They're often free and widely available," Rose told DNAinfo. 

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[via DNAinfo] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]