Let's be honest. 

Our current administration is already a joke.

And our president is the butt of the joke heard all around the world. 

As unnerving as that may be, Gitler & ____, the 3-year-old West Harlem gallery,  wants you to join in on the laughs. 

The gallery is auctioning off all of the works featured in "Laugh Track".

"Laugh Track" is a pop-art inspired exhibit designed to get guests to chuckle at the current political climate. 

At a time when fear has set in the hearts of New Yorkers and tensions are on the rise, the exhibit couldn't have been more relevant. 


While Jason Covert's pieces were created before the Drumpf take over, you can't help but see the parallels between.

For example, one of the pieces titled "Tweet Tweet Boom" is supposed to satirize the playfulness of war, but we all know it can also totally be foreshadowing a nuclear disaster at the (large) hands of Trump's Twitter fingers. 


Hurry, because the gallery will sell all of the works today, from 2 until 7 p.m.! 

[Feature Image Courtesy DNA Info] [via DNA Info]