The daily struggle: wanting to be skinny for summer, and wanting to enjoy a few (dozen) cocktails during happy hour.

Cocktails. always. win.

But imagine a tasty bev that wasn't actually terrible for you? In fact, what if it actually had some superfoody ingredients you could feel good about?

Cue, Latin Beet Kitchen launching a new Wellness Cocktail Menu for the summer. Thank me later.

Latin Beet Kitchen in Chelsea has combined mixology with the latest in wellness trends, creating a list of cocktails that use high quality spirits, seasonal ingredients and superfoods to make new concoctions as healthful as possible.

Healthy cocktails?! YES. Plus, they're seriously 'Grammable.

True to their health-centric ethos, some cocktails have no added sugar and others are sweetened only by panela, an unrefined whole cane sugar from Colombia. Cocktails range from margaritas to mules and all sound equally delicious.


Check out a couple of their offerings below:

Smoky Margarita: tequila, mezcal, lime juice, topped with a honeydew melon, spirulina, ginger and sage juice and cayenne cleanse kombucha with a cayenne-lime-salt rim

Upbeat Virgin: pomegranate berry tea, mixed berries and panela, orange bitters and spiced salt rim


Spanglish Rockstar: rum, carrot, orange and thyme juice, turmeric house-made soda with a turmeric and panela salt rim and thyme garnish

Cumbia Mule: vodka, watermelon and basil juice, lime juice and drunken chia seeds, ginger beer with a chia-lime salt rim

Visit Latin Beet Kitchen at 43 West 24th Street.

[Feature Image Courtesy Latin Beet] 

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