Lock and Load: There's an Incredible Laser Tag Brunch in NYC That You've Just Got to See

What do you get when you cross one of New York City’s most popular Sunday pastimes with bouts out-of-control Hunger Games-esque laser tag? 

You get the high octane Lazer Brunch at Hudson Terrace.

These special once-a-month Sundays just launched this May in midtown and not only was there a serious turnout, but everything about it hit right on the bullseye.

I ventured on over to Hudson Terrace to check it out for myself, a shot in the dark if you will, and there are a few things to know about NYC’s newest adrenaline-pumping brunch.

Of course, once you're ready (AND WE WERE BORN READY), you can check it out for yourself. FOR FREE. 

Not alone, however. If you've ever tried showing up to play laser tag solo, it's just kind of sad. We know. We've tried. We were sad. And we don't want that for you. 

We want to send you and up to 9 of your friends to Lazer Brunch July 16th. We're handing down 10 laser tag game tickets, a VIP table, and one complimentary bottle to make that brunch extra boozy with your choice of vodka or tequila! 


All you have to do is enter in the form above and you're golden like a Labradoodle (which is not a real thing. That's like mixing a Labrador with a Doodle with a Golden Retriever). Science says it's not real, but science says lasers are f*cking awesome. Enter the giveaway, squad up, and brunch on.

But here's what you need to know. 

1. Yes, there is actual food at this brunch

Some of you might be wondering, “How can you eat and play laser tag all in one sitting?” 


Believe me, I was just as curious for that answer. 

Luckily, Lazer Brunch’s organizer Alex Likhtenstein and his rapid fire team have everything seamlessly covered.

The party starts up on the roof deck where not only does Hudson Terrace provide their classic brunch menu, but the Tex-Mex masters at Tres Carnes also set up shop with some of their legendary tacos for those needing more immediate culinary gratification.

You can call ahead to reserve a table for your party or show up and see if you can nab one of their plush window-view booths for walk-in table service. 

No matter where you sit though, the succulent smell of that Tres Carnes slow-cooked BBQ is inescapable.

2. Oh yeah, there’s plenty of booze to be had


Feeling gun shy? Well, this venue is never short on liquid courage. 

Their specialty cocktail lists includes hits like their Watermelon Lime Rickey, with fresh watermelon, lime juice and vodka served on the rocks, or the lush Blueberry Mojito, a summery twist on the classic rum concoction.


If you’re feeling extra indulgent, Hudson Terrace also orders VIP bottle service packages for you and your table, like their Battlefield Package that gives a group a reserved table, ten laser tag games and one bottle of vodka or tequila on ice. Cheers!

3. You can play more than one game of laser tag


Depending on how serious your laser tag game is, you might be up for more than one bout in their smoke and lights-filled arena. A standard entry ticket, which comes with admission, one game and one drink, costs a cool $20. And sometimes just one can be enough. For some people anyway.

If you’re really looking to get into the game, extra rounds of laser tag can be purchased right at the brunch by the sign-in table. Each game runs about seven to eight minutes long, so there’s plenty of time to eat, drink, play and come back up to catch your breath before jumping back into the fray.

4. The laser tag arena is actually pretty dope


This is the part for the naysayers who don’t think you can hold a full-on laser tag battleground in a converted midtown Salon level. 

Allow me to set the record straight: You very much can.

The 3,000 square-foot space gives more than enough room to run, hide, duck and jump around both solid and inflatable obstacles as you take on a team of opponents battling for the round’s high score.

Smoke and fog smokescreen the arena as lights and lasers shoot through the air, all to the backdrop of heart pounding beats of one of the venue’s live word class DJ’s. 

After time is up, both teams’ scores are displayed on a massive overhead screen, which allows for the bestowing of bragging rights.

5. The more the merrier


Coming with a group is definitely the way to make the most out of your Lazer Brunch Sunday. It just makes the experience more memorable, as well as allows you to take on another team with the competitive camaraderie it might require to bring you sweet laser tag glory.

I went with my roommate Jay and we were lucky enough to make friends with two nearby tables that decided we should all enter together as a team. After a round of drinks and tacos, we descended down to the Salon level, suited up and pumped each other up as the countdown clock winded down.


In a team of eight, we shredded through the arena, guns a’blazing, and led Team Red to a stunning 15,000-point victory over Team Blue (and I have the picture to prove it.) Not only did Jay and I come out on top, but we made some really great connections while we were at it.

6. Get your tickets in advance


Since it only happens once a month and there’s already huge buzz around it, tickets are already selling out for the next installment on July 16th. If you get your tickets early, you do save a bit on the cost of admission.

But once those go, the price bumps up a bit, so be sure to jump on those soon if you have this brunch in your sights, especially if you want to bring along some trigger-happy friends.

Of course, you could always enter the giveaway so tickets are a thing of the past! Not a fan of scrolling up? Oh, just enter the form right below.


On the other hand, some of us aren't big fans of the whole "wait and see" method. So, get your tickets right here

All in all, not only is Hudson Terrace's Lazer Brunch another example of the crazy cool things you can do in NYC if you only look, it turned out to be something that I’ll definitely be keeping in my crosshairs throughout the summer.

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[Feature Image Courtesy Yelp] 

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