Is there anything better than watching a movie in this city?

For a brief time everyone is (hopefully) quiet and all interested in one story. Movies were created to transport you away. You forget the city is still buzzing and moving until you step outside the lobby doors with a half-eaten bag of popcorn.

We as New Yorkers are picky about our movies - especially if they are set here - and where we watch them. So, it's great to see theaters making themselves as memorable as the flick we are about to see.

Landmark Theatres, which runs Sunshine Cinema on Houston Street, has unveiled renderings for its second location in NYC set to premiere next spring.

This theater have will eight screens and electronic reclining seats. Movie fans can also check out an “active video wall” along with a mini-light show of sorts with lots of colors.

In addition to rivaling the city's skyline, Landmark wants this theater to have a huge diverse food menu much like the rest of NYC.

You can find this theater at 57th and 58th Street between 11th and 12 Avenue on the new 57WEST block that is going to pack a lot more amazing.

Movies are not going anywhere, but theaters know we are willing to go almost anywhere to watch them. So, they've got to be creative, innovative and still feel classic. Sounds a lot like NYC, right?


A great example is this 90-year old theater in Queens that still has cheap tix but all new luxury seats. Some places are getting a little overzealous, like the 4-D theater that will make you feel like you're on The Deadliest Catch rather than watching Batman fight Superman.

So, we can't watch to catch a movie here and let our minds not stress about work, work and whether or not we paid rent this month.

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