LaGuardia is basically the worst airport in the United States, so when word came out in June that it'd be undergoing a $2.4 billion remodel, we were pretty excited.

By the time August hit, the price of the revamp had jumped to $4 billion, and now, according to Curbed, it's escalated even higher.

To be precise, it's now projected to cost $4.2 billion, or, you know, just $2 million more than expected. That's pocket change! Isn't it?

Well, not really, considering work on the updated airport hasn't even started. 

So, if we were a betting brand, we'd definitely bet on an even higher cost for the overhaul.

What's going to cost an extra $2 million?

Oh, just new plans to raze Terminal B, and plans to build a new Central Terminal. The original plan didn't include the plan for the new Central Terminal.

An exact plan for the revamp is expected to go public in a couple of months, so we'll all get to pore over every specific charge and change.


Still, we've got a basic outline already about the allocation of all these funds.

$3.93 billion will go into rebuilding Terminal B/the Central Terminal, and the infrastructure that will connect it to the rest of the airport. $147 million will be designated to the payroll and the Port Authority's overhead.

$96 million will be paid out to third-party consultants, and $36 million will bank roll the construction of a temporary parking deck.

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So, there you have it, folks. $4.2 billion for an airport that's so desperately, desperately in need of a facelift.

There's also been discussion about lifting the ban on flights over 1,5000 miles from LaGuardia, but a senior official at the Port Authority said they won't make that move until at least the fall.

At this exact moment, the new terminal is expected to open by the end of 2021, but if all the 2nd Avenue Subway drama teaches us anything, we're definitely skeptical.

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[via Curbed] [Feature Image Courtesy New York Daily News]