On Friday, LaGuardia Airport, otherwise known as our third least favorite place in the city, was a ghost town. Why? Well, because of the teensy little blizzard that smashed through the city and cancelled all flights. 

Last night, though? Last night at LaGuardia wasn't as much of a ghost town as it was a disaster. 

In a series of unforeseeable, unfortunate events, Laguardia found itself caught in the perfect storm of sh*tshowdom. 

According to the Daily News, there was a billowing cloud of smoke rising from LaGuardia's Terminal B on Monday morning.

The cloud of smoke was the result of a car that burst into flames outside LaGuardia on Monday morning.

The fire started on a bridge on the lower level of Terminal C at 10:35 a.m., according to Port Authority Police. Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire, and no one was injured.

Twitter user @Airline_Aex filmed the cloud of smoke, and tweeted: "Car on fire at #LGA. Never a dull moment."


An Instagram user caught video of the blaze, and posted it to Instagram.

It's unclear what caused the fire.

"Our driver wanted us to get out of the car right away," said Craig, 26. "He wanted to leave the vicinity as fast as he could. It was a scary sight for sure."

Luckily, the fire didn't affect any flights.

Fast forward several hours to last night, and you'll see LaGuardia's cab line was out of control. Like, completely mobbed. To add insult to injury, vehicle traffic sat at a complete standstill for hours, and there were no buses or Ubers available in or out of the airport.

We guess @Airline_Alex was right: when you fly out of the airport that racked up the most delays in the United States in 2015-- when you're relying on an airport ranked among the worst three airports in America by Travelmath, then there really never is a dull moment.

We're sad for everyone who spent hours waiting in the taxi line at LaGuardia last night, and we guess LaGuardia really could use that $4 billion remodeling it's scheduled to undergo starting next year! 

Well, we already knew LaGuardia could really, really use the remodeling, but now we know that now more than ever. Check out the pictures below to see just how bad last night's chaos was.

omar_nurse #traffic!

thedeepestsubconscious Traffic is dead. People haven't moved for hours. A car caught on fire. No buses in or out. How will we get home?

mranderson922 Oh it's going to be fun getting home😩 #LGA #NYC #Gridlock

snoopoz The taxi line is a mile long and I've been waiting 2.5 hours for a bus! C'mon New York it's just a little snow! #newyork #laguardia #nyc #travel #airport #fml

carabraude Total gridlock at LGA, passengers waiting for several hours for a cab because of a fire. At least I'm with @gillblackman and a super nice guy named Seth who is sharing his @lyft with us. Patience people, patience and perspective. 😇 #altwinter2016 #altsummit

dodiestephens Stranded among the NYC masses. Taxi line is now circling the terminal at #LGA. No buses, Ubers in or out due to major accident. #whoa #travelnightmare #parforthecourse

rlpdonlea Crazy traffic trying to get out of airport!!!!


bosletphoto Made it home!!

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[via New York Daily News] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]