Talk about traveling in style.

Any New York City based frequent flyer would complain that our beloved LaGuardia and JFK are in need of some well deserved revamps, but who would've thought that revamp would come with an $8 billion price tag.

In an agenda released by the Port Authority, the redevelopment of LaGuardia Terminals C and D will cost $4 billion, while the redevelopment of Terminal B, and the airports entry, will cost $4.2 billion.

This puts the total cost for the LaGuardia revamp at approximately $8.2 billion.

But what exactly will we be getting out of these pricey redevelopments?

There'll be a new central hall which will give flyers access to all terminals, a networks of roads, and an expansion to the parking garage - which will definitely be a blessing, considering how hard it is to find parking anywhere in NYC, even at the airport.

The high price tag will also go to developing new utilities and improving runways, to overall better and smooth out the actual flight experience. The overall budget for the project has steadily grown ever since the redevelopment was announced in 2015.

When the project was initially announced the budget was anticipated to come in at an even $4 billion, despite the initial estimate being in the ballpark of $3.6 billion.


Construction is already underway, with several renderings of the projected outcome available to those who are curious about what the new, spiffy LaGuardia will look like when all is said and done.

Let's hope that once this construction is complete we won't have to think of LaGuardia as the worst place on the planet.

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