You've Done It Again, NYC! LaGuardia Is One of the Top 5 Worst Airports for Holiday Travel!

Oh, LaGuardia. We love you. We love the ever-inflating price tag of your makeover. We love your diverse range of mostly edible things. We love how you're consistently one of the worst airports ever when it comes to delays

And what better time to reaffirm all that we hate about you than the holidays? Well, hold onto your butts. The numbers are in.

NerdWallet’s ever-helpful airport rankings have been released, and while New York City isn’t home to the absolute worst airport ever, we do have the unfortunate pleasure of cracking the top 5.

Yep, you’ve done it again LaGuardia.

NerdWallet analyzed data from the 50 busiest airports, factoring in delays, flight cancellations from November and December for the past three years from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, and restaurant ratings from Yelp reviews.

If you're looking for the Top 5 best airports to travel in and out of, you're either going south to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International (2) or Miami International (5), or you're going way out west to Honolulu International (1), Phoenix Sky Harbor International (3), or Seattle-Tacoma International (4). 

Rounding out the bottom 5? We're in good company! Chicago O'Hare International (47), Newark Liberty International (48), San Francisco International (49), and, lastly, Dallas/Fort Worth (50).  

So no, we don’t have it THAT bad, but LaGuardia’s doing the best it can and sticking it out in the bottom 5. And no, it's not great that Newark is even worse (shocking absolutely no one), and JFK isn't even that great either (36). But, suffice it to say, this is not a good look. 

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[via NerdWallet] [Feature Image Courtesy AM New York]