New York is best known for being a city that has a little bit of everything. 

But we're pretty sure most New Yorkers haven't visited a restaurant that serves grasshoppers.

But visit La Newyorkina in Greenwich Village this Sunday, and indulge in an ice cream sundae topped with crunchy grasshoppers. 

These sweet and crunchy flavors are inspired by owner and creator Fany Gerson's Mexican background. 

So grab some friends and enjoy the chili-coated cricket vanilla sundae for just $12. Other than the crickets, this famous sundae features mezcal-laced caramel, and is topped off with a candied orange.

This is Gerson's way of making her ice cream parlor different from all of NYC's hundreds of ice cream shops. 

Getting these grasshoppers weren't easy, and Gerson searched for vendors that she felt had the best grasshoppers. Merci Mercado is the distributor that Gerson went with, that has the best bugs. Whatever that means. We'll leave it to the experts.


So who's down to try it? Before you chicken out, think about how many likes your 'Gram pic is probably gonna score!


Still not sold? Don't worry, they offer the sundae plain too. But you'll be missing out.

[via Grubstreet][Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]  

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