So, have you heard about the L train shutdown coming in early 2019? Probably. Are you panicking yet? Probably.

It’s bad enough that statistically speaking, we know the subway system is not getting better at all. Even with the head’s up ahead of time, many New Yorkers are dreading the change to their commute for a year and a half. And that’s if it reopens on time, which means more than 18 months.

However, New York-based start-up Sidewalk Labs, has collaborated with transit authority to help commuters during the shutdown time period.

And that help comes with an interactive map called the NYC Transit Explorer, with technology that pulls in existing feeds regarding the status of various transit options.

Sounds neat, but what sets it apart from Google Maps or the Transit app? According to TimeOut NY, the map allows for the user to input the time of departure, the destination, and means of travel with bonus features based on real-time transit availability.

So for example, you can select if you want to commute only by the subway, the bus or both. Or, if you want to pick two places of origin– for that one friend that doesn’t want to (or doesn’t know how to) use Google Maps to get to the same place.

The map is there to ease New Yorkers into the transition of the absence of the L train in Manhattan, which we appreciate immensely. 


It's just a shame that out of all the train lines the L train, one of the best running subway lines of last year, has to undergo critical repairs for so long. Now, if the MTA can lower the train fare and minimize delays to counteract the struggles of commuters in the future, that'd be awesome.

Unlikely, but we can dream. Don't forget to check out the map!

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